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Gold Seal

Cannagram stocks Bay Area's legacy brand, Gold Seal. A top-shelf cultivation brand located in the heart of San Francisco. Since 2015 they have cemented themselves as one of the state's top brands in California by focusing on quality and unique genetics. 

The mission of Gold Seal SF is to provide a variety of boutique, exotic strains of flower for the cannabis connoisseur. They are efficient, consistent, and believe that exceptional flowers come from the healthiest plants. Utilizing an extensive network in the cannabis industry, Gold Seal's geneticists constantly acquire, breed, and test new strains. Through our partnerships with local dispensaries and delivery services, Gold Seal strains are then consumer tested and moved into commercial production based on consumer feedback data. The Gold Seal team has over 30 years of combined experience in cannabis cultivation. They have cultivated in every environment: outdoor, greenhouse, mixed light, and indoor.

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