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We’re lolo and we believe in value. We believe in keeping you high and prices low. We don’t waste money on long-winded manifestos with highfalutin words. Our prices are low because we pass savings from low-cost production on to you. No frills, no gimmicks, no unnecessary marketing or advertising – just getting you the weed that you want at a low price. Lolo makes flower, preroll, flower shake trim, flower ground, gummy, flower littles smalls, cannabis products for sale in California. Lolo is known for strains like Triangle Kush, Gluecchi, Peanut Butter Souffle Shake, Fatso, Grapez N Cream Shake, Sundae DriverDosi Punch, Garlic Grove Ready To Roll, Grape Jelly, Grapes N' Cream, MAC 1Wedding PieWedding CakeOGPB SouffleAnimal Mintz, Garlic Groove, Glucchi, Glucchi Ready To Roll, Lolo Kush, Watermelon OG, Lava Cake, TMZ, Lemon MintsBlue Dream, Grapes N'Cream, Da Boomers, Italian Ice Cream, LA Kush Cake, Sour Gelato, Melon Cake, Gummiez, Margie RTR, Sumo Smash RTR, Wedding Crasher, Kush, Acai Mintz, Black Diamond, #RoaringKitty, Cherry Dosi, #FreeBritney, #Roaring Kitty, Horchata, GMO Cookies, #roaringkitty, Space, Jealousy, #AndyBernard, Bubba Diagonal, Jeff Spicoli, Gush Mintz, Face Mints, Bubba Diagonal RTR, Pam Beesly, Menage Cakes, Gelato #41, Sweet Cream, #PAMBEESLY RTR, Grapes N' Cream RTR, Ice Cream Cake, LL Gelato Kush Mintz, Gelato Kush Mintz, #Sha'Carrilato Nugs, Dosi Punch RTR, PB Souffle RTR, Snowman RTR, Pickle Rick, Sha Carrilato, 33 Degrees, Kush Mints, Jelly Milk Nugs, Sparkle Pony, Zkittles Kush Mintz, Crumb Cake, Bacio, Leviosa Tidbits, #Mojito Tidbits, PB Souffle Tidbits, #Trending Tidbits, #ThatsWhatSheSaid, Super Lemon HazeItalian Ice.

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