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Sweet Relief

Relief has never felt sweeter!

 Alleviate your pain without any psychoactive effects. Sweet Releaf™ is pleased to present an option for those suffering from chronic pain.Their line of cannabis-infused topicals utilizes the medical benefits of marijuana without the traditional high. Sweet Releaf™ offers a holistic option for pain management. Patients detoxifying from pharmaceutical medication can experience fast acting relief, without the worry of dependency thanks to Sweet Releaf™ formulation of cannabinoids and essential oils. No matter what your physical ailment is, rub Sweet Releaf™ on, then the pain is gone.


Sweet Releaf™ was developed out of necessity. The founder formulated a marijuana topical for a family member dealing with severe pain. After a terrible car accident, injuries left this family member with a potential lifetime dealing with pain management. That was when the founder got to work to develop a natural solution to chronic ailments without the use of harmful pharmaceuticals. The result was Sweet Releaf™, a line of marijuana-infused body butters that soothe pain and calm inflammation.


Sweet Releaf™ creates their body butter by hand usingf ingredients that nourish your skin. Their formulation begins with a blend of coconut oil, shea butter, cacao butter, candelilla and essential oils. Then, Sweet Releaf™ introduces the cannabinoids into their body butter. They collect their trichomes through live resin extraction, freezing fresh cannabis flowers then remove the resinous glands containing relief. The final product is a body butter with enchanting aromatics and even better effects.


Comfort™ and Comfort + (Extra Strength), our best-selling body butters, are carefully crafted with superior ingredients, including a whole-plant hybrid master mix of terpene-rich ice water hash cannabis using a synergistic 14:1 ration of THC to CBD that provides powerful pain relief with our proprietary blend of therapeutic grade essential oils. Completely non-psychoactive, our THC-rich body butters are crafted with care to deeply sooth and nourish your skin, including aloe vera, organic coconut, shea, cocoa butter.

 Our Comfort Dry Oil Warms and Cools are a wonderful new, on-the-go option for deep pain relief with a 14:1 THC to CBD ratio. Rooted in Ayurvedic medicine and derived from small-batch, hybrid cannabis, our Dry Oils provide a potent whole-plant extract rich in both cannabinoids and beneficial terpenes. Our Dry Oils are carefully crafted using the top internationally-recognized essentials oils for pain and inflammation and Ayurvedic oils that help the body regulate its temperature. Comfort Cools™ Dry Oil rolls on easily, absorbs quickly and leaves no residue.

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