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Toci Treats


The People’s Cannabis introduces Toci Treats, the first TOP Shelf Edible!


Toci Treats utilizes a new patented cannabis delivery technology to bring you the edibles of the future today. This novel, clean delivery of cannabis to the human body uses only two ingredients, protein, and cannabis, making it the 1st pharmaceutical-grade delivery technology in the U.S. By leveraging Unlokt™, Toci Treats™ is a cleaner, safer, and more predictable edible experience that brings consumers and patients closer to the plant and makes people’s lives and their experience with cannabis better and healthier.

Toci Treats is the first brand in California to use this revolutionary edible industry disruptor.

Toci Treats Passion Fruit uses the proprietary ingredient Unlokt™ and strain-specific PB Soufflé live resin to bring you a fast-acting Passion Fruit Gummy to unlock your creative and social qualities.

The ability to truly center cannabinoids and terpenes (which are not destroyed in the stomach) using this delivery system gives us unprecedented accuracy.

  • allows us to create products for all types of needs
  • uses the full spectrum of the plant and the body’s natural process
  • uses the body’s natural digestive process making it naturally fast-acting
  • creates bioavailability of ~50% vs. ~12% of most products on the market today
  • Protects the cannabis when ingested, allowing the cannabis to curate the experience and eliminating harmful additives

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