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WUNDER’s mission is to bring wonder to the world through a more mindful alternative to alcohol. 

We create low-dose sessionable beverages that are accessible to everyone—drinks which leverage a unique cannabinoid profile (2mg Delta-9 THC, 2mg Delta-8 THC, 4mg CBD) and resemble the positive effects of drinking alcohol. These beverages have a similar onset time to traditional alcoholic beverages which allows for a familiar stacking effect (meaning you can drink more than one).  

Our Higher Vibes beverages (10mg Delta-9 THC, 10mg Delta-8 THC) are for seasoned cannabis consumers who seek unique cannabinoid experiences at a higher elevation. Some people may reach for the low-dose sessionable drinks, while others gravitate towards Higher Vibes. And there are those who may reach for both based on different moods, environments or situations. Our goal is to provide people with positive experiences.

WUNDER beverages can be felt in as few as fifteen minutes. This is due to our micro-emulsified cannabis extract which absorbs quickly into the bloodstream through the mucosal membrane in the mouth.

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