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Cann Social Tonic

Like some Silicon Valley startup, Cann began in a garage in Palo Alto, California while founder Jake Bullock was in business school in 2018... In that same year, Jake recruited Luke who was an old friend and former colleague. Although Luke had never been to a dispensary before, Jake brought him on to help design a brand and collection of products for people who are canna-curious.

"In the future we believe there will be beer, wine, and Cann." As the first micro-dose and 'sessionable' cannabis-infused beverage, you can enjoy 3,4, 5 Canns alongside friends who are drinking alcohol without that 'too high feeling.' "As a brand, we hope to educate people who are curious about cannabis that with the right products and mild dosage levels, cannabis can be a great addition to your social routine and an alternative (or addition) to alcohol."

Cann's social tonics are low-dosed, sessionable, and actually delicious. Each Cann is micro-dosed with 1:2 ratio of THC & CBD meaning you can(n) enjoy more than one, and experience a light, refreshing social buzz within 10-15 minutes. With five simple all-natural ingredients, and 30-35 calories per Cann, they make the perfect substitute for that glass of wine or cocktail, but without the hangover the next morning.

Cannagram has a wide selection of Cann products including the social tonics, Hi boys, and the ultra-convenient and portable Cann Roadies.

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