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It started with a single goal: to put happiness in a box.

After two decades in the trenches of the California cannabis industry, the founders of HOTBOX™ officially launched their flagship retail brand. They spent those two decades perfecting their process and fine-tuning there state-of-the-art indoor farm—and the best way for us to share that experience was to bring it straight from that farm, to you. As legacy growers, they care about where your cannabis comes from, how it’s grown, and how it’s treated. That’s why they maintain complete control over the process, from seed to storefront. And because they’ve been around for such a long time, they understand what you want: consistency, quality, convenience … and FLAVOR. 

But throughout all these years, even as their packaging and look has changed, HOTBOX™ has kept the same goal: to share the happiness they grow. they want you to taste, feel, and most importantly, enjoy the kind of happiness you can hold in your hand.

Cannagram carries a curated selection of HotBox's best strains. Check back often as they come and go!

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