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Best part, its totaly free !

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Start Your Cannabis Rewards Jorney

Start Earning On Every Purchase Now!

Best part, its totaly free !

Unlocking Your Reward Journey With

Cannagram’s Dispensary Loyalty Rewards Program.


Sign Up for Cannabis Rewards

Become a valued member of our thriving Weed Rewards community when you sign up for the Cannagram Loyalty Wallet Program. This step opens the door to exclusive deals and a plethora of rewards, ensuring your loyalty is rewarded.

Shop and earn Points

Cannagram offers an extensive selection of the industry’s best weed and cannabis infused products. Every purchase you make accumulates points, which you can later redeem for exciting weed rewards.

Redeem Points for weed rewards!

Shop, earn, and unlock a world of rewards. From discounts and exclusive deals to free products, the Delivery Dispensary Loyalty Program enhances your cannabis experience. Your loyalty pays off in more ways than one.

Refer a Friend and Get $20 - Dispensary Loyalty Program Delivery in sacramento

Reef’er a Friend – Give $20 and Get $20!

Jumpstart your rewarding adventure and share the excitement with your pals. Invite your friends to Cannagram and give them a generous $20 off their first order. Once they place their first order, you’ll find a $20 discount reward waiting for you. It’s not just about being a friend; it’s also the perfect way to ignite your journey.
a Guy order a Dispensary loyalty program Cannagram Cannabis delivery Sacramento
Maximize Your Convenience!

Upgrade Your Experience to the Next Level!

Insider tip: Having referred a friend and earned your bonus, it’s a wise move to equip yourself with a more efficient tool for your orders. Our app ensures a smooth purchasing journey, exclusive deal updates, and live order tracking. Download it now for an elevated and seamless experience in cannabis shopping!

Cannagram’s Loyalty Program: Your Rewards Journey Begins!

Welcome to the exciting journey of Cannagram’s Loyalty Program, your gateway to the best dispensary Weed Rewards in Sacramento and the surrounding areas! We invite you to embark on a personalized adventure, where your loyalty to Cannagram is celebrated and rewarded at every turn.



You’ve opted in and started your Cannagram loyalty journey and with a warm welcome we add a $10 gift, ready to be used on your next purchase, setting a positive tone for your experience with us.

Opt-In & Save 10%: Join DISPENSARY LOYALTY PROGRAM for Instant Savings on Cannabis Delivery

Growing Your Wallet – Sow Loyalty Points with Every Purchase!

In this garden of loyalty, with each purchase, you become the master gardener, sowing the seeds of loyalty points that are poised to sprout into a magnificent harvest of discounts and exclusive rewards.The more you sow loyalty points, the more you reap a harvest of perks!
a art for Wallet: Manage Your Cannabis Delivery Rewards Journey with DISPENSARY LOYALTY PROGRAM
First Purchase Bonus: Unlock Exclusive DISPENSARY LOYALTY PROGRAM Rewards for Seamless Cannabis Delivery


Our dispensary loyalty rewards go beyond discounts. With this reward, not only do you get $10 off a purchase available to use on your second order, but you also earn double the points, doubling your points from the first order!


$5 FOR 1000 POINTS

Embark on your cannabis journey with Cannagram’s Dispensary Loyalty Program, where every step accumulates value. Reach the milestone of 1000 points, and you can instantly redeem them for a generous $5 discount on your next order.

Points Milestone - 3000: Reach New Heights with DISPENSARY LOYALTY PROGRAM for Cannabis Delivery
Points Milestone - 3000: Reach New Heights with DISPENSARY LOYALTY PROGRAM for Cannabis Delivery

 10% OFF FOR 3000 POINTS

Reaching 3000 points is a significant milestone. Celebrate it with a generous 10% discount loyalty reward available on your next purchase, showing our gratitude for your continued support and loyalty.

Your Journey, Your Reward: There, $20 Awaits You in Our Dispensary Loyalty Program

Hey there, loyal bud! Now that you’ve been a trusty companion in our journey through a world of high-quality strains and products, it’s time to celebrate. When your total spending with Cannagram hits $1000, we’re thrilled to gift you a cool $20. It’s our way of saying ‘thanks’ for being part of our exclusive Weed dispensary loyalty rewards program.  Cheers to more great times ahead!
Points Milestone - Get 20$  when $1000 Spend: Reach New Heights with DISPENSARY LOYALTY PROGRAM for Cannabis Delivery
Free Weed Product  Standard $10 Value Birthday Gift: Celebrate Your Special Day with DISPENSARY LOYALTY PROGRAM Cannabis Delivery Rewards

Birthday Free Product

Birthdays are special occasions, and we want to make yours even more memorable. Receive a complimentary product on your birthday as our gift to you.

Birthday Free Product + 1000 Points – Loyalty Exclusive

Exclusively for our loyal customers, on your birthday, you’ll receive a free product along with an extra 1000 points, making your special day even more special.
Free Product: Enhance Your Cannabis Delivery with DISPENSARY LOYALTY PROGRAM Perks. Our Birthday, your happy.

Annivery Gift Free Product – $16 Value

We’re celebrating our anniversary!, choose your gift with up to a $16 value, ensuring you feel valued on our anniversary and your day is filled with extra joy.Join us in commemorating this special occasion and let your day be filled with extra joy as we express our gratitude through our exclusive Dispensary Loyalty Program.


Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us, and we want to reward you for sharing your experiences. Leave a review, and we’ll give you a 500 Loyalty Points as a token of our appreciation.Unlock the full potential of your Cannagram Wallet and embark on a rewarding journey through the world of Weed Rewards and savings. Join our Dispensary Loyalty Program today, and let your loyalty lead the way to incredible benefits.

Image showcasing Sacramento cannabis delivery loyalty program with 500 loyalty points highlighted.

What people are saying…


Don’t just take our word for it. See what our customers have to say about our excellent service, fast delivery, and high-quality Cannabis products.

Michele Kafton
Michele Kafton
January 2, 2024.
Great prices good cannabis and good timing will definitely calling them again
Alice Boyer
Alice Boyer
December 30, 2023.
Service is friendly and knowledgeable. And your drivers are great too! Thanks so much.
Emily Black
Emily Black
December 30, 2023.
The crew at Cannagram is not only knowledgable, but incredibly kind and helpful, from the owner Macai, to Lena (my fave budtender of all time), to Fox on the text line, and Jason the driver - I've literally never had a bad experience, and they've helped me discover several new products that help with my partner's chronic pain. 11/10 recommend them over big corpos like Eaze (plus, CG pays their drivers fairly, unlike Eaze nowadays)
December 28, 2023.
Love this establishment! Great product and fast friendly delivery! Thanks !
Amanda Pulaski
Amanda Pulaski
December 25, 2023.
They're always awesome. Delivery is typically pretty fast and they're great about communicating when your order is on its way or it's ETA. There are always pretty good deals on the website as well.
Amy Zieglar
Amy Zieglar
December 21, 2023.
Perfect service! Great products!
Kaitlyn Healey
Kaitlyn Healey
December 15, 2023.
Great app, delivery is super quick, never once had an issue and been a customer for about 2 years now
Cole S.
Cole S.
December 10, 2023.
Cannagram has been my go to delivery service. Jason has delivered to me for the last year. He is always one time and very professional. Highly recommend!


Answer your questions about our Dispensary Loyalty Program with our FAQ

How do I join the Cannagram Loyalty Rewards Program

  • Joining is easy! Just click here and fill out the form. Once you’re oped-in, you’ll get our best deals and updates sent directly to you weekly and will earn discounts and rewards with every purchase! Ready to embark on your journey with the Cannagram Dispensary Loyalty Program?

How do I view my points and available rewards?

You can see your rewards points balance and available rewards by visiting your Loyalty Wallet by clicking here! Make sure to bookmark for easy access later! Looking to enhance your experience with our Dispensary Loyalty Program?

Do loyalty rewards affect my delivery minimum?

  • You must meet your local order minimum after any discount, but before taxes. If you order min is $60 pretax, that would be the subtotal you need to meet after discounts but before taxes. Your after tax minimum will need to be $72. Ensuring clarity in our Dispensary Loyalty Program

Are there any fees associated with Cannagram’s Loyalty Wallet?

  • There are no fees to have a Cannagram Loyalty Wallet or to be a part of the program. It’s totally free and very rewarding! Join us on this cost-free journey, reaping the benefits of the Cannagram Dispensary Loyalty Program at no extra cost. 

What can I use my loyalty points for?

  • Loyalty Points accrue and can be redeemed for discounts. 1000pnts can be used for a $5 rewards discount. 3000pnts can be used for a 10% discount and more rewards may come in the future! Keep an eye out for more exciting rewards in the future! Elevate your experience with our Dispensary Loyalty Program.

Can Rewards be stacked with other rewards or discounts?

  • $5 discount rewards can be applied to any order. Whole cart discounts, however, cannot be stacked with other cart discounts or rewards.Ensuring a seamless experience within our Dispensary Loyalty Program is our top priority.

How do I redeem my rewards?

You can redeem your loyalty rewards, gifts, and discount offers during checkout when shopping at Cannagram.com. Simply select the reward under “Select Rewards…” drop down box in the order summary section. Elevate your shopping experience with our Dispensary Loyalty Program.

How can I stay up-to-date on Cannagrams promotions and updates?

By joining our Dispensary Loyalty Program, you’re opting in to receive text and or email messages and will get our best promotions and updates. Don’t worry, the deals are always dank and we don’t send too many!

Do my Loyalty Points expire?

Believe it or not, they don’t! Your loyalty points will not expire.Enjoy the longevity of benefits within our Dispensary Loyalty Program.

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Our blog is your go-to source for staying informed about the best cannabis products, the most convenient delivery options, and the top-notch dispensaries near you. Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or just starting your journey, we’re here to help you discover the wonders of cannabis.

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